Tips to Shift to Healthier Snacks


Has your inspiration for making fresh foods at home been met with thanks but no thanks? Here’s what to do when trying to set new habits

You have all of the best intentions, the ingredients on the counter, the juicer, the blender, the new shiny popsicle moulds from Tupperware. Why is my kid throwing a fit on the floor suggesting she wants the ice lollies from the store. They haven’t even tried my bright coloured tasty ice pops. So effortlessly, kids just seem to look in disgust when they have been offered the healthy homemade brand. Instead of tossy my delicious pineapple lemon balm herb popsicles down the sink I decided the best thing to do is to stay firm to my belief. I feel strongly about limiting additives in foods including artificial flavours or preservatives. I encourage setting a few ground rules to kick off a healthy summer before the kids get out of school for the summer and stay on track with your new mission by addressing on a weekly basis. There are plenty of treats to go around between backyard parties to the notorious after game snack such as freezies and kool aid packs that we simply do not need to add to the mix at home. Here are a few tips on how we managed to get our family to enjoy treats prepared from home and have them healthy enough to eat for any meal of the day! Popsicles for breakfast are not a problem if the ingredients are pure. 

5 Tips to Making Healthy Habits in The Family Kitchen. 

Encourage children to interact with the food preparation process, as they love to be involved and know that their opinion is valued. This is the key to enriching their lives with healthy eating habits. Research shows it is effective in creating positive healthy habits. 

  1. I recommend making a menu chart and each time you need to replenish your batch you rotate who gets to choose the recipe ensuring everyone’s ideas are viewed and valued. Better yet when everyone is comfortable with the new process you are excited to work together on the new menu board. 
  2. Repeat similar flavours as it can take 12-15 times of introducing a new food to adopt it into your go to food items. Sometimes a child may need to overcome a food texture or visual appeal of a food before it even looks pleasurable to them. 
  3. Stay consistent with your guidelines for healthy choices in and outside of the home to help create balance for you and your family. When your motivation for creating healthier habits are frowned upon it can also be frustrating. Furthermore when the influences for junk food seems to be dominating. filter

Provide a choice! Kids feel liberated when given options so providing the scenario of selecting from various recipes for homemade cool treats will sound more enticing to them. 

Repeating your healthy mottos as habits requires you to revisit your goals to make changes. If it doesn’t seem appealing in the first conversation give it some time and you can revisit the discussion in 1 week. Have a family chat about your healthy ambitions as the shopper in the family is on board with the family goals.  Create a menu and select a different leader each week! Kids love to be in charge!

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