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Revive and reset your relationship with ingredients, inside and out.


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MAY 15th, 2022


The Cave Springs Conference Centre

4410 Cave Springs Rd
Beamsville, ON

8:30 - 5:00pm

RESET this spring through a full day of inspiration & nourishment. Move towards embarking on a journey of mindfulness and wellbeing. 

This retreat is designed to provide relaxation and healing while at the same time motivate you through gentle movement and educational health topics. Knowledge is power and when we cultivate inner strength and confidence through our intuitive process we find peace and resilience in our life.

There is nothing you need to be able to do or prepare for this magical day. Come exactly as you are ready for gentle movements and to crave healthy living. 

Welcome it is nice to meet you! This is the first step in your transformation for ultimate health.

Through self care, movement, Ayurveda & intuitive eating you can feel your inner radiance.

Do you want to reverse the signs of stress you may be wearing?

Embark on a journey of simple inspiring health strategies & skin care regimens that promote radiance from the inside out. 

Develop & build a healthy relationship with yourself and navigate your way to a lifestyle that promotes energy, & boosts the immune system. Together I will help you to walk away from poor habits with confidence.

Now you will adopt habitual awareness & intuitive strategies that are easy, effective approaches for achieving a dynamic state of true health, where the mind & body are aligned. 

Now is the time to feel the pressure you put on yourself  lift away. 

As a mom of 4, I get the real life dilemma of not being able to care for yourself.  I have learned to gravitate towards the intuitive way for self care & choices which are not restrictive but focus on inner strength & resilience. 

Steer yourself to stay ON TRACK for your life long journey!

Research indicates long term success happens with the guidance of an Inspiring Health Professional.

My carefully cultivated programs are unique to reverse signs of stress and bring inner balance. I will help you develop tools to lead a mindful life moving stagnant energy, balancing hormones and reawaken your natural vibrant self. You will crave taking care of yourself. 

How Can I Help You Meet Your Goals?

When we feel aligned we glow and when we glow we just feel so much better. All services are tailored to meet your needs.


One on one consultation sessions incorporate simple intuitive eating strategies with healthy healing ingredients. Tailored recipes use ancient healing spices and herbs to achieve balance & well being. As a registered dietitian, my expertise is evidence based for working with chronic pain & disease and I offer both a conventional and a holistic approach to suit your needs. Step into your power, get energized, and build a healthy relationship with your body & food.

*check for RD coverage under your insurance plan.

Yoga & Pilates

Customized movement principles are set to increase flexibility, alleviate aches/pains and build strength. You will work into a consistency pattern through a routine you grow to love. Build yourself towards a true state of vibrancy with optional breath work rituals to develop focus & integrate positive energy through the body.  All  movement will be customized for your level and needs.


Destress with these ancient healing practices from India which bring our dosha’s (Pitta, Kapha & Vata) into balance. Naturally build resilience in your constitution from daily energy shifts which aggravate cravings, hormones, and sleep.  Develop tools to stayed rooted while honouring internal & external environments. Ayurveda practices invite you to understand your mind & body in a simply way to develop your unique profile for strength. This is health – a strong immune system and feeling youthful. Ayurveda will awaken your vitality as you draw awareness through daily assessments and embark on a journey with healing rituals & recipes known enhance your lifestyle with mindfulness, consciousness & clarity.  You can expect to experience glowing skin, hormone balance, healthy digestion, reduced muscle tension and relaxation throughout your entire body.  

Skin Care

A Face mapping consult provides insight into how your skin is reacting to your hormones and lifestyle.  Are you wearing your stress? Looking at the skin from a whole body perspective can help combat oiliness, acne, rosacea, age spots and hyperpigmentation. Glow inside & out! For more information visit me at Glowderma Medical Aesthetics Spa. 

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Health Lounge

Whole body heath programs to get you on track

30 Day Nutrition Kickstart

Create a consistent eating pattern that invigorates your energy, provides a balanced nutrition profile & fuels your needs. Let's Get Started!!
$ 495
  • initial consult
  • 3 follow up sessions
  • recipes + 21 day meditation

Reboot & Revive

Tailored for transformation. Customized nutrition & lifestyle intervention to reverse signs of stress and get back to your health.
$ 595
  • 5 nutrition consults
  • 2 yoga sessions
  • recipes + 21 day meditation

Age Well

Feel youthful and awaken your inner vitality with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to balance doshas & simplify your unique needs for true health.
  • 3 months consultation
  • routine, rituals & recipes
  • Ayurveda oil bath treatment

Ayurveda Abhyanga Treatments

Anchor yourself with these ancient healing treatments which balance the dosa-s unique to your body towards a healthy state, on a cellular level. Traditional Indian oils applied to the skin will be carefully chosen to enhance your natural vibrancy and invigorate your body to improve blood circulation, digestion, sleep and focus. These treatments may include hot stones.
contact us for pricing
  • 10 x 1 hour sessions

Corporate Wellness Programs

Custom designed mind body & soul sessions are developed strategically to suit the workplace wellness goals for your team. Seminars enhance the development of nutrition, mindfulness & yoga skills which enhance productivity and focus. Enrich your team with 1 hour onsite, and virtual healthy lifestyle education series to promote team bonding, professional morale and inspire self care.
contact us for pricing
  • All programs customized to your needs

Age Well

indulge your soul with nourishing ingredients inside and out
$ 525
  • 3 nutrition consults
  • 2 private yoga sessions
  • 30 min hot stone massage
  • 21 day meditation
  • skin consult

Health Club

Nutrition education builds awareness
$ 60
  • weekly group sessions include:
  • nutrition education on relevant topics
  • 30 min hot pilates blaster (HIIT)
  • 15 min Yin Yoga
  • Elixor Wellness Shot

Private and personalized custom programs are also available to suit your needs. Contact us for details.


Good People With Good words.

About me

I was born & raised on the East Coast in beautiful St. John’s, Newfoundland. The last 20 years of my life I have dedicated myself to connecting whole body health awareness principles inspired by patients during my oncology research placement. I completed my BSc in Nutrition at Acadia University & received my Dietetic Internship at The Ottawa Hospital. As an expert now in the field of nutrition my professional experience has evolved over the past 15 years from hospital based to private practice.  My more recent intuitive eating coaching with Evelyn Tribole and sport nutrition certifications through Precision Nutrition, gear my clients towards to self regulation for better health & strength.

My devotion towards natural healing has steered me to embark on a journey using Ayurveda as medicine. I completed my Ayurveda Healthcare practicum in Colorado with Tedd Surman from Yoga Awareness in 2021. My unique practice is enriched with continuing evidence based nutrition education to offer you both a conventional and a holistic approach. I love working with the purest ingredients for both nutrition & my skin. 

I am a certified Yoga and pilates teacher and love to bring organic movements into my client programs for whole body health awareness and effectively manage how stress affects our body.  My training as a clinical aesthetician and experience as an AVEDA spa manager out east helped me bring all that I love together with whole body wellness. I co-founded The Yoga Vine Integrated Health Clinic in 2017.

My husband and I love the beautiful countryside of Niagara along with our four children.  Our family loves the sustainability of growing our our food in this region.  I am inspired through so many people in our community growing their own food and volunteer with The Niagara Community Garden Network & Niagara Food Security Network support people in taking better care of ourselves and the earth.

Health Lounge

Thank you for your interest in a health lounge package. Lorna will be in touch to follow up with you shortly.